How to Build a Location Check-in Service with Streamr and IFTTT

Big companies like Google, Facebook, Swarm collect our location history and use this data for marketing purposes. Of course, this option can usually be turned off, but it would be neat for users to log their location history themselves – for more data protection.

If you still want to check in your location, the combination of two free tools will help you: IFTTT and Streamr.

The approach


  1. IFTTT account
    Install the IFTTT app on your smartphone
    - Sign up for a free account
  2. Streamr stream
    Connect your wallet with Streamr Core
    - Create a (signed) stream for your location history

IFTTT action

Add trigger service

  1. Log in into your IFTTT account
  2. IFTTT applets overview → “+ Create”
  3. “If This”“Add” Search for “Button”
    “Button widget”“Button press”

Add action service

  1. “Then That”“Add” Search for “Streamr”
    “Streamr Network”“Publish a new stream”
  2. Paste the copied Stream ID into “Streamr Stream ID” field
  3. Paste the following ingredients into “Publish Event Data”:

Push the button!

Now you can see and pick the IFTTT Button widget on your smartphone. Place the widget on the home screen. You’re done.

Press the button every time you want to publish your current position. The stream is updated with new geographic data (latitude & longitude) provided by the IFTTT app. Location tracking made easy.

Happy check-in

Explore the world and track your path.

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